Our story

A Passing Comment


Simon Ward was introduced to shooting when he was 11. He lived on a farm over-looking Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland. When his father, a farmer and keen game and clay shot, presented him with a trusty Cooey .410, he never looked back.


“Shooting became a passion I’ve held since the day I first unboxed my Cooey. But carrying a shotgun around safely was a chore for a boy, and as I’ve grown older it has remained a chore. I discovered it wasn’t only me who felt that way.


“Not so long ago, I was out on a shoot with some friends. As the hours passed I heard more of them complaining that their shotguns were weighing heavily on aching arms. They were tempted to break them over their shoulders or place them on the ground. And when they came to shoot, tired limbs meant poor accuracy and a poorer experience.


“I figured there must be a way of giving every Gun a happier shoot. So I decided to do something about it.”