Safety Information

Your LightGun is designed to improve safety and comfort on shoots by reducing arm fatigue from carrying your gun. When using your LightGun you should always follow these safety guidelines:


  • LightGun is a universal shotgun holder and so you should ensure that your gun fits appropriately in the holder prior to use. The LightGun should take the weight of the gun, but you should be able to freely insert and remove the gun.
  • Never use LightGun with an unbroken gun. Your gun should be broken prior to placing it in the LightGun and should not be closed whilst in place.
  • Always check your LightGun for obstructions when placing your gun in it.
  • Keep one hand on your gun at all times to maintain control.
  • Ensure that your gun is unloaded when crossing obstacles.
  • Before loading your gun, check both barrels are clear.
  • Always have the safety catch on ‘safe’ whilst using your LightGun holder.
  • When closing your gun, ensure the barrels are pointing towards the ground.
  • Always comply with all applicable laws in your territory when shooting.


You are responsible for your gun at all times. Wardfield Sporting Goods Limited does not accept liability for any misuse or negligent use of its products. Please shoot responsibly.