Handmade in the UK

A gun holder designed for style

We sourced the finest UK designers and craftsmen and set them a challenge: the ceaseless search for perfection in shooting safety and comfort.


Our original LightGun shotgun holder is handmade in the UK by Rutherfords of England. Rutherfords are a Bespoke English Leather Company that uses traditional machinery, templates, knives and tools from a bygone age. We have chosen them to create our products because they work to a very high standard and dedicate a lot of time and skill into each individual product to ensure that the best quality is obtained. They only source the finest materials, from the leather hides down to the thread.


  • Designed for safety
  • Your shotgun’s natural resting position is broken, with the barrel pointing downwards.
  • It is a holster designed for comfort
  • Webbing carefully distributes the weight across your shoulder
  • Handcrafted in the UK to create something that feels as good, and as natural, as the stock against your shoulder.
  • The finest natural materials, hand crafted and finished in the UK: LightGun complements even the most formal dress codes.
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