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The average shotgun weighs around 8lbs. This can become an inconvenience when trying to enjoy a days shoot. We believed that if we could lighten the load of carrying your shotgun, we could heighten the enjoyment of every shoot. LightGun is the result.


The LightGun is a holster designed for safety, it holds your shotgun in its default resting position; broken with the barrel pointing downwards. Webbing carefully distributes the weight across your shoulder, easing the burden on backs and arms.


As the LightGun presents a natural-feeling resting place for a shotgun, there is less risk of shotguns being inappropriately slung over shoulders or left on the ground.


There is no substitute for adequate safety tests, training and precautions ahead of any shoot, but LightGun can help mitigate the potential risks of inexperience and mistakes.