In the kitchen with Wardfield: Shoot Party Cocktails

Christmas is fast approaching, and now that we’re well and truly in the swing of party season, we want to help you ensure that your shoot party goes off with a bang! Surprise and delight your party guests with a few of our favourite cocktail recipes, from Foxdenton Estate Gins:


Sloe Gin – 5cl
Champagne – To Top
Pour the Sloe Gin into a champagne flute and top with the Champagne

Raspberry G’n’T

Raspberry Gin – 50ml
Tonic – To Top
In a tall glass pour the Raspberry over ice and top with tonic.

Damson Delight

Damson Gin – 50ml
Vodka – 25ml
Ginger Ale – To Top
Mix the Vodka and Ginger ale in a tall glass with ice before pouring the Damson over the top.

Damson in Distress cocktail by Andrew Barrow, Spittoon

A ‘Damson in Distress’ cocktail created by Andrew Barrow of Spittoon

Recipes taken from Foxdenton Estate Gins.