Quickfire Q&A: The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club’s Victoria Knowles-Lacks

We caught up with founder of The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club Victoria Knowles-Lacks to talk first shots, inspiration and her thoughts on the LightGun.




What first got you into shooting?

Growing up in the countryside I used to do a bit of beating and fell in love with shooting, but it was my Uncle who really got me into it. I was really lucky as recently he gave me his gun that I learnt to shoot with. It kicks like a mule and it’s a bit of an old knacker, but it means so much to me.


Where is your favourite shooting ground?

That’s a tough one, I have so many! We use so many amazing grounds with The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club who all have their own unique things that I love. Hereford & Worcester Shooting Ground is a very special place to me though as that’s where I learn’t to shoot. I also have a massive soft spot for EJ Churchill.


What were your first thoughts on the LightGun?

I loved it. I first met Simon at the Game Fair who showed me a LightGun. What first struck me was how beautifully it was made and the levels of workmanship and thought that had gone in to it. It’s such a great idea and so useful in the field!


What was the inspiration behind founding the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club?

Shooting has always been such a man’s game and I learnt to shoot with a load of wonderful old boys. I felt from the word go that as a woman without an ‘in’ to the sport it can be difficult and daunting. One day I decided to do something about it and took some non-shooting friends to a clay ground and the rest is history!


What’s your favourite style LightGun?

I’ve got a left-handed LightGun in tan and pink, and I love it!!


Why is the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club so important to the shooting community?

I like to think it’s important to the shooting community as it’s opened the doors to thousands of non-shooters who might not have necessarily tried shooting without our events. It’s made the industry wake up to the fact that women are serious about shooting and are there are so many amazing shots. In just the five short years I’ve been doing my thing, the shift in attitude towards lady shots, the clothing and opportunities has been huge and I hope it continues.


What would be your dream gun/ what do you look for in a gun?

Oooh that’s such a tricky question – do I go for vanity or practicality? I’d love a Longthorne Hesketh Deluxe in a 16g. They are the most beautiful of guns and the level of craftsmanship and love that goes in to every single one is immense. They’re also super nice people too! I do love my ‘no miss’ Browning though, it’s beautifully balanced, smart and fits beautifully.


What’s your favourite shoot drink?

I love our S&CBC Raspberry Gin topped up with Pol Roger. It’s a winner and hard to beat!


What’s your favourite thing about the LightGun? 

I just love how convenient it is. It’s really innovative and I’m all for innovation. I love that Simon spotted a real need and did something about it in the most beautiful way. The whole experience from opening the box when it arrived, to wearing it in the field was just spot on. I hope to see many more LightGuns in the field in the future.


We’d like to thank Victoria Knowles-Lacks for taking part in our Quickfire Q&A and her continued support. You can keep up to date with The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as discovering the LightGun for yourself on our website.