In The Field with Howard Kirby: Shooting Instructor and Gun Dog Trainer



As a Professional Shooting Instructor and Dog Trainer I need to have a shotgun constantly to hand. When I was offered the opportunity to try out the LightGun I couldn’t wait. Made in the Uk by Wardfield it arrived in a really smart presentation box and as I excitedly opened the box it was immediately clear that this was going to be a high quality piece of equipment


My choice was a LightGun made for a 20 bore, its in a lovely tan colour with beautiful stitching through out. Having had it for approximately one month now it’s been used for Walked Up Shooting on a Grouse Moor, Rough Shooting for rabbits and in daily use when working with clients and their Gundogs. What do I think? “LightGun where have you been all my life,” I love it! Like my whistle and my watch I feel naked without it.


Quite simply the LightGun is designed to carry your gun when you are not shooting it. It took me a couple of days to adjust the fit to my liking and it takes a while for you to learn to trust that your precious gun won’t fall out of the ingeniously designed holster. Firstly it takes the weight from your hands and arms which after a long day walking over moorland is just bliss. Most importantly for me it meant that I could slip my gun into the LightGun leaving me hands free which when you’re shooting over dogs is priceless.


Because of the unique design of the LightGun Holster it holds the gun securely whilst you do other things but you can also use it on a Driven Day. Simply pop the gun into the Holster with two Cartridges slipped into the chambers then the moment that you see a bird you lift the gun out, close it safely and you are ready for action.


I really thought I had all the Shooting kit I could ever need but the LightGun for me is a real ‘Must Have!’


A review By Howard Kirby as published in the Sporting Shooter magazine- November 2017 Issue