Team Talk with Simon Ward

This week we caught up with Wardfield’s founder Simon Ward, the creative mind behind the LightGun.

What first got you into shooting? My father is a keen game shooter and he is the one that first got me into shooting. When I was 14, he bought me a Cooey 410 for my birthday. I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors and enjoying the countryside and as we lived on a farm, my father and I regularly took our guns out and patrolled the land for pests including rabbits, hares and crows.  My father is the one who taught me how to shoot and the importance of shooting, which I now have great respect for the shooting sport.


What first inspired the LightGun? Approximately 3 years ago whilst on a game shoot, a few of my fellow shooter began to complain about their gun being too heavy and their arms beginning to ache. They began putting their guns in various unsafe positions, including over their shoulder, round the back of their neck and resting the barrel on their boots. This is when I had my lightbulb moment, and thought to myself if only I could solve this problem. I went to my workshop and began designing the LightGun, and here we are today.


Where is your favourite shooting school to shoot at? I enjoy shooting locally at Crabtree Clay Shoot in Lupton, Kirkby Lonsdale. Crabtree Clay Shoot is a friendly family run business, they are always so welcoming and can’t do enough to help you. I like this shoot because there is a wide varied of different clay traps and a good layout, within a stunning location, and every time I go shooting to Crabtree I feel relaxed.


What’s your favourite feature about the LightGun? Along with the great craftsmanship behind the LightGun and being made in England, what I like most about the holster is the simplicity of it and how easy it is to use. Your gun is resting at hip level, broken but ready to shoot.


In one sentence, sum up why you think someone should invest in the LightGun? Not only does the LightGun look the part, but it is a safe practical piece of shooting equipment that enables shooters to enjoy the shooting sport more than they already do by reducing fatigue, improving comfort and improving accuracy.


Who would you love to see using the LightGun? The Royal Family. I hear Prince Charles suffers with a sore shoulder.


If you have a question for Simon he would love to hear from you,